If you would like to read more of my poems, my latest poetry book is called TOUCHPOINTS, written under the pen name Sally Shirley. You can find TOUCHPOINTS on iTunes. http://goo.gl/Lt5lqa.  On the back of the book you will find one of my poems that tells About The Author – that is, me.  Unfortunately, a draft version got published before I had a chance to correct it, and I recreate it here as I meant it to be.


She can write a phrase that will turn your stomach

or your head.

She can talk to a priest in church,

or talk to you in bed.

She reveals your secrets to others

As she smiles into your eyes.

She tells your deadly truths

As she exposes your deepest lies.

Poet, Wife, Mother, Daughter –

She never has done what she ought to.

Teacher, Lover, Writer, Friend –

She shares the lessons that Life sends.

Read her words and have a care,

You might just find yourself in here!

So, pick up Touchpoints, take a look –

Are you and your friends in this book?

One of the things I like to do in writing poetry is to play with the words. I especially like words that have double meanings or sound-alike pronunciations. But what I really do best is to get inside the person I am writing about and draw a word picture using first person tense so that it sounds as if that person is doing the talking.  I like getting inside the head of someone who interests me…Of course, some times my poems are straightforward and are just expressing feelings or experiences that I have had.

These next two poems will appear in my next book of poetry. They are more or less “hot off the press.” As with so much of my writing, the poem below began writing itself while I was still asleep, in the early morning hours.  I remember groggily getting up and saying, “Oh, no! Wait for me! Just let me get to a pen and some paper…!” Here is the result.


She made a home for her husband and sons,

But her husband died and left her alone.

He left her with more memories than friends.

Their two boys grew into fine men.

Raising children is expensive, you know.

Her “mite” did not cover all she owed.

Every time she saved, they needed.

Every time they asked, she heeded.

Always with love, without a fight,

She gave her boys her “widow’s mite.”

The boys grew strong and then they left.

She grew bent over and felt bereft.

They were her sons, her only life!

On whom she spent her “widow’s mite.”

And at last when her life was done,

The Lord Jesus called her home.

He took her to a house of light.

She was amazed! It was so bright!

“Look at the house that you built, my dear!

The house that reflects your soul so clear.

Every time you gave on Earth,

Every time you cried, I heard.

Every time you hurt, I felt.

Every time you prayed, I knelt.

On Earth, you suffered many pains.

God turned your tears into life-giving rain!

Jesus said, “You and I are much alike.

We believe our God will make things right.

Come, sister, see what our Lord has for you

There’s so much healing here to do!

Your children on Earth will honor you still

Just because you did God’s will!

And look at your house! Just LOOK! Just see!

Here’s where you will spend Eternity!

Your husband, his love still pure and true,

Will live on in this house with you”

Jesus cupped her face with his rough warm hands.

“You walked the path of God’s commands.

I paid for your sins with my Earthly life,

But you paid for this house with your “widow’s mite.”

The Mighty Widow’s Mite…!”

And now, for a change of pace…


You know me – I’m the one who

Validates your guesses,

Cleans up your messes,

Reads your mind.

I’m the one who

Runs a tight ship,

Stays cool and hip

Goes out of her mind…

Inside, where I live now…

Here is another poem from TOUCHPOINTS. There are more poems from TOUCHPOINTS at this blog site in the Archives section. Scroll back through and enjoy!


In my car

A light comes on

When I need gas

Or oil or water…

Or it flashes red for

“Maintenance Required.”

“You let me know

If that red light comes on,” you say,

“Because I’ll need to

Take care of that right away.”

I wish I had that kind of setup

So that you would know

When I feel LOW or HOT or


Lucky car…