I have been away from my blog for a long time while I was writing my latest book “Murder in the Blue Ridge Mountains”. It is a story about an experience that I had during the Summer of 1957. The following is a description of the plot that is printed on the back of the book:

“When Nancy was offered a summer job at a Christian host camp in the North Carolina mountains, she jumped at the chance. Her mother’s former boss and his wife were leaders at the summer camp and suggested that she work as a waitress.  She had never been away from home before so when her cousin Tom also got a job there, she felt that with friends and family she would not be lonely.  Her mother made Nancy promise to write a letter home every day. But instead of comforting her, the obligatory letter writing made her homesickness even worse.  Fortunately, her dorm mother and the postmaster were very helpful and supportive.

The first night at camp, the counselors handed out assignments and camp information. But when the counselors went to their dormitory, a gang of girls told everyone the way it really was going to be, along with the threat that if they told anyone, the gang members would harm them and possibly kill their families.

Thus began a summer of sleepless nights, days filled with accidents, intimidation, fear and dangerous seduction.  All of this was set against a backdrop of regal mountains, glorious sunrises, and budding romances.

Where was God in all of this?  Despite many prayers, the situation escalated until it came to a head in a terrible rainstorm when God showed His power and his plan to provide the camp workers with safety and peace.

Nancy Baker lives with her husband south of Nashville Tennessee.  She welcomes your comments addressed to nancybaker@comcast.net and invites you to visit her blog at www.watchnancybakerwrite.com.”

A poem that I wrote while at Blue Ridge is included in the book.  The poem entitled “BLUE RIDGE –Verbal Technicolor” was published in The Staff Stencil, the Blue Ridge Assembly newsletter.

Blue and Green are God’s colors;

Green is verdant



Smoky blues are thoughtful and receptive.

They will drink you in,

Absorb you,

Fill you with serenity and rest.

They have confidence…And why shouldn’t they?

The Green Kingdom




Are all growing up toward Him,

Or else they bow to His perfect will.

Green is the changing color because it has Life!

And all Life must end sometime.

Thus, in the Fall, Green gives way,

Ungrudgingly and willingly,

To searing, flaming death shades of



Vibrant Yellow!

Dull Brown!

All is bare, naked, ugly…


The silent soft silvery snow covers the Earth.

There is still Blue.

It reigns quietly for the most part

During Winter.


There are days when blackness and storm

Have the upper hand –

But not for long.

And then one day,

The Earth becomes subtly charged with a poignancy –

A yearning feeling, a growth feeling…

The Rebirth!

For though all things must die

Even so must they be born again…

And this is Spring!

Now the ever-changing Green is lively, young, eager!

It shows off by wearing many colors – flowers!

The Blue becomes brilliant now

And the very air is super-charged

With the lushness of Blue and Green!

Let us borrow Peace



And Happiness

From Blue,

And let us


Enjoy the great Greenness

Of Life!

This place, ‘beautiful for situation’

(as Psalms 48 puts it)

Encourages us to

Be Still…and know…God.”

The book is available through Amazon in print format (02/27/2020) and in digital format now for Kindle, through Barnes & Noble in print format (02/27/2020) and in digital format now for Nook, and now in Apple iBooks.

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