I enjoy reading thought-provoking articles, but when I saw this excerpt from an article in the Wall Street Journal – one of a series on management do’s and don’ts – I was intrigued by its message and its format (left justified). Any body out there listening?

Let’s Get

Rid of 



don’t want

to be


They want

to be led.

Whoever heard

of a world


World Leader,


Educational leader.

Political leader.

Religious leader.

Scout leader.

Community leader.

Labor leader.

Business leader.

They lead.

They don’t manage.

The carrot

always wins

over the stick.

Ask your horse.

You can lead your

horse to water,

but you can’t

manage him

to drink.

If you want to

manage somebody,

manage yourself.

Do that well

and you’ll

be ready to

stop managing,

And start


(as published in the Wall Street Journal

by United Technologies Corporation,

Hartford, Connecticut 06101)